What to Demand From Your Debt Consolidation Agency

A financial crisis can happen to anyone, even the most meticulous and smartest of folk. Whether your particular crisis is caused by poor money management, overspending, job loss, illness in the family, or some other reason, it can often go from bad to worse in an instant.

But your financial crisis doesn’t have to go from bad to worse. In fact, with a little know how and some professional help, it can actually go from bad to better. You can get it under control and start living your life the way that you should be, free of worry and debt.

Whether you’re having trouble with your bills, behind on monthly payments, getting notices from creditors, or even in the midst of getting your home or car turned over to collectors, there is a way out. Along with credit counseling and setting up a realistic self-budgeting plan, debt consolidation agencies can make your monthly payments much easier to make and take some of the steam of off your financial situation.

But before you just jump on board with any old debt consolidation agency, there are a few things you must first understand. First and foremost among these things is that you’re still in control of your finances. You should never select a consolidation agency without first looking at all the available options, and once you have one, there are several things that you deserve to have. If you’re not getting these, it is up to you to demand them.

And with that let’s look at what you can and should demand from your agency:

A Free Quote

The plain fact of the matter is that debt consolidation is a business. Your agency probably does want to help you out of your financial crisis but first and foremost they are concerned about making a profit.

While it sure isn’t the most fun thing in the world to dish over money when you’re struggling with overwhelming debt, the small amount that goes towards an agency’s services will barely put a dent in your overall situation, especially considering its benefits.

But before you sign on a debt consolidation, it is important that you first ask for a free quote. A free quote is something that the best of these agencies will give you, no questions asked. If a company is hesitant to quote you for a project or wants to charge for an initial consultation, then you’d be better off looking elsewhere. Only choose a company that will give you an idea of their pricing before you begin to work with them.

Educational Materials

debt consolidation agency

What is Your Debt Consolidation Agency Doing for You?

It is also your right to demand educational materials from your consolidation agency. Once again, the very best agencies will have no problem sending you these educational materials for free. Though most of the information can be found online, most likely on the particular agency’s website, it is never a bad idea to take a look through print copies of the material.

Educational material will not just show you how the debt plans to solve your problem. It will also better educate you on how you can keep yourself out of debt in the future. Furthermore, it will teach you techniques such as self-budgeting that are essential to the success of debt consolidation itself.

Proof of Experience

As we’ve discussed before on Project Debt Relief, there are a number of debt agencies out there who are just looking to make a quick buck of off those in need. These debt scam companies should obviously be avoided at all cost.

One of the best ways to avoid them is by asking for proof of experience. It is important that you specify that you want proof of not only the agency’s experience but also of its individual counselors. Reviewing this information is also a surefire way of selecting a highly-experienced and professional agency that will handle your financial problems with the care that they deserve.

Make sure that the debt consolidation agency you are working with is accredited by an approved and respected third party. The Better Business Bureau and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling are two of the most trustworthy.

It is also essential to make sure that all of their counselors and workers are likewise trained and certified. Many debt consolidation agencies attempt to cover up their employee’s inexperience by only promoting their accreditation as a whole company. Relevant professional experience and education experience can also be a make or break point when choosing an agency to help you with your credit woes.

Time and Commitment

Finally, it is your right to demand time and commitment from these debt consolidation agencies of your choosing. Yes, they probably are very busy, but so are you. If the company you choose doesn’t seem like they will focus on you, then you should move along to a company that will.

There are plenty of debt consolidation agencies out there that will give you the time and commitment that you deserve. They will give you the time and commitment that it takes to solve your problems once and for all.


Debt consolidation is one of the most effective forms of debt relief around. For more information on its ins and outs please check out our previous posts on debt consolidation.

When you’re struggling with debt and have nowhere else to turn, turn to a debt consolidation agency. They can help. But make sure that it is the right one, the one that will best dedicate their time to fixing your financial crisis, by demanding the four things discussed above. Only then will you find the debt consolidation agency that will best help you out of your problem.

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