South Dakota Debt Relief

South Dakota is among the top states with the most debt, placing 18th. For many residents, the problem is with unsecured debts such as credit card debts, the per capita debt load of $6,834. If you are a resident of South Dakota and you satisfy the following conditions, then debt relief in South Dakota may take the form of debt settlement:

  • Unsecured debts of at least $7,500
  • Past due payments of several months
  • Income too small to pay bills
  • Payment possible if amount is reduced
  • Filing for bankruptcy seems to be the only option

south dakota debt reliefWhen your debt load is too much, sometimes it just takes a break to even things out. Unless you have absolutely no means to pay anything, debt settlement would a better alternative to declaring bankruptcy. Once you are enrolled in a debt settlement plan with a reputable debt management company, you can stop worrying and go back to the business of finding your feet financially.

But before you commit to a program for debt relief in South Dakota, do your homework on the companies you are considering doing business with. Because the nature of debt settlement plans involve entrusting your money to the care of the debt management company, it is important to ensure that they’re not just scamming you. One company that you may want to consider is National Debt Relief, which services the South Dakota area.

National Debt Relief

One of the top-rated debt management companies in the US, it is a New York-based FTC compliant company founded in 2007 that provide friendly and professional assistance for debtors with more than $7,500 in unsecured debt.

Getting their attention is easy and convenient. Simply call toll-free or complete a survey on their website and that will get the ball rolling. The initial consultation with a debt counselor is conducted free of charge so there’s no reason to at least inquire. The online representatives know what they are doing, and are friendly and patient with their clients, so no fear.

National Debt Relief requires that you send them payments that they put into an account. When the account balance reaches 25% of your total debts, they will then start negotiating with your creditors to lower your debts as much as possible before the creditor cries uncle. It will then be put into an agreement and the company will start paying in the agreed amounts. In the meantime, you will continue to send in payments until the debts are fully settled. You will have online access to your account with them so that you can track the payments as they are made.

National Debt Relief complies with FTC regulations, so they will not charge any fees until a settlement agreement is made. The fees are then computed based on your monthly payments and the balance of the account you have with National Debt Relief in South Dakota.

Debt settlement may not be the prettiest solution to your financial problems, but if you must do it, be sure to transact with a company with a good reputation. You want debt relief in South Dakota, not another bottomless well to throw in more money you can’t afford.

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