South Carolina Debt Relief

Residents of South Carolina may be feeling the pinch more than any other state in the US except for Kentucky with a debt-to-GDP ratio of 30.6 percent. The per capita debt in South Carolina is slightly better, $8,143 per resident, earning it 15th place. Chances are, debt settlement could be the only option for the 8.4% unemployed in the state for South Carolina debt relief.

Debt settlement is usually the last resort for debt relief because it has an unfortunate effect on the credit score. But when push comes to shove, it’s better to get out of hock a little worse for wear than to be buried in debt forever. Fortunately, the economic climate is favorable in that most creditors are willing to consider better terms for their debtors rather than having them default completely.

south carolina debt reliefBut it’s not a simple or speedy process, and most people have no clue how to go about it. It may be a good idea to consider seeking debt relief using debt management companies. Just make sure that they have a good reputation for providing quality service.


Considered an excellent debt settlement company, CuraDebt provides debt relief for those in the whole for unsecured debts of $10,000 or more. Having been in business since 1996, it has considerable experience in dealing with creditors and providing arbitration to make your debt load a little easier to bear.

You can sign up with CuraDebt online, and a counselor will walk you through your specific problems and goals so that they can accurately analyze what can be done to help you become debt-free. Debt settlement is not the only debt relief program in SC available; counselors will discuss with you the merits of debt management, debt consolidation, and consumer credit counseling. If debt settlement is the way to go, then CuraDebt will guide you to a successful conclusion.

Coastal Credit Solutions

Another company you may want to consider for debt relief is Coastal Credit Solutions located in San Diego, California. They offer debt settlement services for those who don’t have the resources to make any significant inroads into settling their unsecured debts. You can sign up for a free counseling session with their financial analysts who will thoroughly discuss your case with you to help in deciding the best debt relief in South Carolina for you.

Debt settlement involves setting up an account with the company until it reaches 40% of the smallest debt you have before they will start negotiating with creditors. In the meantime, you will be required to stop paying your creditors completely. This will help in the negotiating process. Coastal Credit charges the typical 15% of the total debt, plus $39 monthly as a retainer fee.

Debt settlement is not for everyone, and in South Carolina you can receive dunning letters that can make you feel uncomfortable. But if you have no choice based on your financial situation, then you should begin the debt settlement process as soon as possible to get South Carolina debt relief.

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