New Hampshire Debt Relief

If you are in debt chances are that you would receive debt collector calls, which are both stressful and upsetting. Before you engage into discussion and/ or commit anything to any debt collector, according to New Hampshire debt relief experts advice, you need to ensure that the caller is genuine.

How do you do that? How do you ensure that the person who is calling on you regarding your outstanding debt is genuine. Here are a few ways that will help you ascertain the truth.

Ask For Debt Verification

new hampshire debt reliefYou would receive a document that states how much you owe, the terms and conditions, and to whom you owe the debt. Once you receive this document, you will have a time gap of 30 days to use to ask the collection agency to verify the details of the debt. Within these 30 days and until the debt is verified, all collection attempts would be held at bay.

TIP: Give a post box address for communication to protect your identity.

Double Check

It is possible that sometimes the debt collector has made a mistake and the debt in question is not one that you have incurred. This is why it is very important that you verify each and every debt that is followed up by any debt collector. Keep in mind that any unsettled debt would figure on your credit report for as long as 7 years, hence it is very important that you do not allow any debt that is not your pass of as yours – besides the fact that you would otherwise be liable to pay it off.

Ask Questions

Your agent for debt relief in New Hampshire will advise you to ask questions about the debt. The collector is required to answer to you all question that you put to verify his identity and claim. You will immediately know that the person is not genuine if he avoids your questions or gives you any wrong answer.

Refrain from giving any details personal or financial until and unless you have verified that the person who is calling is a genuine debt collector and he is following up on a debt you have incurred.

Ask For Confirmation

The debt collector needs to send a written confirmation to you within 5 days from the first phone contact. Most collectors pre-empt this requirement and send it much before. They also make it a habit to ready you, your rights before talking about the method of collecting the money you owe to your creditors.

State Statute Of Limitations

According to New Hampshire debt relief experts, you need to check on this as it could be possible that your debt might be past the SOL of New Hampshire state. If this is true, you need not pay the debt anymore. Even in case your debt is sold to a new collection agency, you would still no longer be liable to pay. The debt in this case, cannot be used in the calculation of your score and cannot be listed in your credit history.

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