The Best Debt Consolidation Tools

The Best Debt Consolidation Tools

The Best Debt Consolidation Tools

Debt is most assuredly a hard bone to swallow but it is just a fact of life for some people. People of all different types fall into debt and end up struggling with it. This happens for many different reasons.

Though there are many different ways to get out of debt, doing so is made much easier when you use the right tools. A few of the most important of these debt consolidation tools are discussed below.

Project Debt Relief

Project Debt Relief is your number one consolidation tool for getting out of debt. Our website provides countless debt help resources, including reviews of the best debt relief companies.

Our website provides a wide variety of high quality articles on many different areas of debt relief. These include such things as debt management, credit counseling, bankruptcy, and, of course, debt consolidation. Our debt relief blog further delves into these topics and other topics pertaining to credit cards, debt, loans, and money management.

Whenever you are struggling with debt, it is a great idea to research your problem online. Project Debt Relief is one way that you can do that.

Debt Consolidation Company

Much of the time overwhelming debt is too much to handle alone. A debt professional or expert could help you handle your problem in a much more efficient and effective manner. Better yet, many debt relief companies provide their services for outstandingly affordable fees.

Debt consolidation companies know their way around debt. They’re been involved in the business for years on end and know all of its ins and outs. They can help you consolidate your debt in the quickest way possible, getting you the lowest interest rates in the process.

Debt Calculator

Another of the best debt consolidation tools around is a debt calculator. A debt calculator is very simple. All that it does is take your total debt, your annual interest rate, and your current monthly payment and spits out how many months/years it will take for you to be debt free, the total amount you will pay to your lender, and the total amount that you will end up paying overall. Though it is simple, it is a very handy tool. It can help you set up a solid plan for getting out of debt.

Try out our very own debt calculator to get a better handle on your debt situation.

Debt Consolidation Calculator

A debt consolidation calculator does much the same thing as a regular debt calculator. The big difference is that it looks at debt consolidation in specific and not your overall debt problem as a whole. It can be the key in urging you to seek out debt consolidation help yourself.

Try out this debt consolidation calculator from to see if debt consolidation is right for you.

Minimum Payment Calculator

A minimum payment calculator is yet another best debt consolidation tool that you should use if you are struggling with debt. It is very handy.

A minimum payment calculator will help you calculate the true cost of paying the minimum payment on your monthly bills. This will show you how long it will take for you to become debt free and how much interest you will end up paying throughout this time. It will also show you how much better off you would be if you made fixed payments instead.

Budget Planning Software

Another highly handy debt tool is budget planning software. This type of software helps you create as solid budget plan (which is in itself a best consolidation tool).

A budget plan can help you sort out your expenses so that you know exactly how much you spend each month. With this in mind, you can figure out exactly how much you can put towards your debt payments. All in all, this can help you get out of debt faster and more efficiently.

Statute of Limitation Laws

Though not necessarily a tool in the normal sense of the word, a thorough understanding of your state’s statute of limitation laws will prove instrumental in getting debt free. Review your own state’s laws, especially pertaining to various types of debt.


The best debt consolidation tools come in all different shapes, sizes, and forms. They serve many different functions. If you are in debt, it is best to look at and understand each and every one of them. You don’t necessarily have to use them to help sort out and rectify your own individual debt problem but it is a smart idea to have all the ammo that you can stock up on when it comes to debt relief.

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