The 3 Best Debt Management Software Options

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There is no doubt that debt is a tricky thing. For one, it can be very hard to pay off in and of itself. Furthermore, when you have to set aside money for your monthly debt payments, other living expenses tend to get neglected, and that’s not to mention entertainment or other extras that add to a higher quality of living.

And you don’t want to even think about what happens when things get out of hand. As you might already know, it can be all too easy for debt to landslide out of control, swamping you in financial burden and truckloads of worry.

When this happens, professional help is usually needed. But it can be very hard to dish out even more money than you already owe to a professional or debt management service for help. That’s where the best debt management software comes in. Debt management software works similarly to a debt management company. It can help you get out of debt.

debt softwareAt its core, debt management software helps you make a plan of attack, a debt management strategy that can first help you lower debt and then, if all goes well, eliminate it all together. Obviously, the software won’t do everything for you, it’s still going to be hard work, but it can make the process wholly easier.

Software for debt management is often more cost effective than the similar services that a debt management company offers. The software can be easily installed on your computer and accessed at home, at any time. Better yet, with debt software you don’t have to shred a single ounce of worry over being ripped off by a management scam.

If you’re having trouble with your debt and are looking for help, then the three debt management options below are for you. They are the best of the best as far as this sort of software goes and can make budgeting and paying off your total debts simple.

Debt Trakker

One of the most reliable management software options around, Debt Trakker is extremely affordable and easy to use. In fact, these are the two reasons that this particular software rates so highly. Almost everyone can afford it and, after a brief tutorial, almost anyone can use it to its fullest extent.

Debt Trakker truly does make debt management easy. It has an extensive array of features that make it easy for anyone and everyone to track their debt and make monthly payments with. The system is so good that it is actually used by many debt management professionals. What this means is that Debt Trakker is basically the same software can give you the same results that a professional – and much more costly – company could.


Though it is completely different than Debt Trakker, Mint is another one of the best debt management software options that there is. It focuses on the personal finance side of things and helps you get your financial life in order.

When you first use Mint, you connect it to all of your accounts. These include checking, savings, personal loans, and investments. The software then organizes all of the information and creates new, simple to understand data that shows how your finances stand. It splits your spending into categories and creates graphs and charts of these so you know where your money is going and why.

Though it doesn’t do anything fancy, Mint is a great way of creating a budget and setting goals for managing your debts. It isn’t debt management software in the true sense of the word but it does a heck of a good job at making debt payments that much easier.

Debt Analyzer

The single-purpose Debt Analyzer helps you do one thing and one thing only: pay off your debts. It gives you the tools that you need to create a professional quality plan that will help you reduce and eliminate all of your debts.

The management software is designed around the same concepts and with the same techniques in mind that a professional credit counselor, debt management company, or bank uses when assessing debts. It will help you become debt free lickety-split and save you thousands of dollars in interest in the process.


If you’re in debt, then you need to at least check out debt management software like the three best options discussed above. Debt Trakker, Mint, and Debt Analyzer can all give you the tools, advice, and support that you need to become debt free once again. Debt management software might just be your best debt relief solution and a ticket to a more stable life.

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