There are a number of tools and calculators that will help you when you are investigating debt, debt relief, debt management, and other topics involving debt and credit. These tools are all provided here on our resources page.

debt relief resources

In addition to these tools and calculators, a variety of links and other resources are accumulated here. We wanted to create an easy one-time stop where you can find the information that you are seeking. We hope that our resources page will direct you to the information that you desire.

Government Resources

FTC Credit Report Consumer Information: A handy site with free information on protecting yourself against bad practices such as scam or fraud. A great resource for understanding credit and your credit report.

Annual Credit Report: Run by the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, this is the place to go for more information on your credit report. Understanding your credit helps you make important decisions about your debt and related debt programs.

United States Courts Bankruptcy: For all the information you could ever need on bankruptcy, visit the United States Courts bankruptcy webpage.

Debt Relief

CareOne Debt Relief: One of the premiere debt relief agencies, CareOne is essential for anyone that needs out of debt – and fast. Their services are aimed at those with $10,000 or less in debt.

Debt Options: Debt Options is another forerunner in the field of debt relief. Their team of experts can help you create a debt relief plan that you can stick with.

National Debt Relief: Widely heralded as one of the most reputable debt relief firms around, National Debt Relief emphasizes fair practices and compliance. Their debt relief programs are easy to understand and very straightforward.

Debt Management

CuraDebt: The most popular debt management agency, CuraDebt will help you come up with a plan to effectively manage your debt. They prefer to negotiate with clients with over $10,000 in debt. They even offer free consultation for all new customers, making them a superb debt management resource.

Credit Solutions: Specializing in debt management, Credit Solutions helps you make your debt easier to manage and handle. Their team of experts will guide you through all of the hoops so that you can make the absolute best decision.

Firstent: A stellar resource for all things debt management, Firstent provides debt management resources that can be understood by the layman.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation Connection: A debt consolidation resource that puts information first, Debt Consolidation Connection is the perfect stop for those seeking the facts on debt consolidation. They will help you consolidate all of your debts into a single simple monthly payment.

Debt Consolidation [removed]: A straightforward and direct debt consolidation resource, the aptly named Debt Consolidation can tell you everything that you need to know about this style of debt management.

Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement USA: Primarily serving clients with over $12,000 in debt, Debt Settlement USA can help you negotiate settlements for your outstanding balances. They also are a great resource and provide a nearly unlimited amount of useful information for the struggling debtor.  They are among the best debt settlement companies, but not necessarily THE best either.  Explore our other options as well.

Credit Counseling

Delray Credit Counseling: Credit counseling is easy with Delray Credit Counseling. Their professional team will educate you on everything that you need to know to get your financial situation back in shape. They are a non-profit agency.


Ready For Zero: If bankruptcy looks to be in the books, Ready For Zero can help prep you for and guide you through the process. As a bankruptcy resource, their personalized counseling is second to none.

Credit Repair

SkyBlueCredit: Managing your debt can be helped by understanding and repairing your credit. For information on your credit reports and the possibility of improving them, Sky Blue Credit is the best place around.