Here’s How to Avoid Binge Shopping

Being frugal is tough. There is definitely no denying that. Staying within your budget, limiting credit card use, and being financially responsible all around can sometimes be a drag.

Yes, it can be okay to spend money sometimes. Obviously, you don’t need to tuck every single cent away for the future in your savings account. Spending a little here and there, hopefully on things you’ve saved up for, is almost essential to your wellbeing.

But it is easy to let spending get out of hand. I know that when I receive an especially large paycheck, one of the first things I want to do is go out and spend away. At the same time, I usually know that this isn’t a very healthy behavior. When I spend a little without thinking, it tends to turn into a binge of not thought out purchases.

being frugal

Here are a few of the best ways that you can avoid going on shopping sprees. Use these tips to stop your binge shopping ways before they get out of control.

Identify Root of Your Spending

The first step to avoiding binge shopping is identifying why you spend in the first place.

Many people have emotional issues with money and spending. They know that their spending is insensible but they feel an emotional need to do so anyways. For instance, some people feel that investing in new clothes will help them be more self-assured and less socially anxious. Oftentimes, this has little, if any, impact.

Identifying why you sometimes feel the need to go binge shopping is the starting point to letting go of these feelings.

Focus on Goals

Setting firm financial goals is one of the absolute best ways to stop overspending.

Trying to save or budget without an actual plan, without actual goals, is going to be fruitless. You need to have a measurable goal to work towards if you hope to be successful.

Start by making a budget and watching as your savings grow.

Take a Chill Pill

When you are in the shopping mood, it can be all too easy to head to the store right away.

If you take a chill pill and wait for even just a day, chances are the impulse to buy will be gone. Better than a day is waiting a week or a month, but a day or two is a great start. The impulse to spend will usually pass.

Avoid Shopping With Friends

I’ve always found that I’m much more likely to overspend when I am shopping with friends.

Shopping alone forces me to think things through. It forces me to consider each purchase against my budget.

Better than avoiding shopping with friends altogether is shopping only with friends that are thrifty and frugal. They’ll give you an honest second opinion on whether you really need – and can afford – that new shirt or not.

It can be difficult to avoid binge shopping. But the tips above should give you a good start on getting over this problem.

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