Top 10 Credit Repair Companies

Poor credit sucks. Ask anyone who has ever had it. It limits what you can do with life, including but not limited to, making loans, like auto loans and mortgages, all but impossible to get. Luckily, if you have bad credit, there are several credit restoration companies that can help get your credit score back up where it needs to be.

credit restoration companies

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Also known as credit repair companies, a credit restoration service will help you get your credit score to where it needs to be. The main way that they help you do this is by offering financial counseling. Simply understanding how credit scores work and organizing your mess can be all that it takes to get your credit back in order.

There are a lot of credit restoration companies out there though. And some are not nearly as good as others. That is why we have waded through the mess for you and compiled this top 10 credit restoration companies list in the process.

The Top 10 Credit Restoration Companies

Lexington Law: Serving (and satisfying) over a half million clients since 1991, Lexington Law are the top dogs in the credit restoration game. Their team of experts all but guarantees to raise your credit score by providing you with all of the tools that you need to be successful. Better yet, they offer a free credit repair consultation service so that you can test the waters before making a decision.

The Credit People: Another popular credit restoration company, The Credit People have also been doing the credit repair thing from the beginning with more than ten years of experience. Free credit reports and credit scores, a nifty online monitoring service, and a team of on-call experts are their arsenal.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Services: One of the oldest credit restoration services around, Sky Blue Credit Repair was originally an operation based solely in the south-east so they don’t have as big a following as the first two companies on this list. However, they have since expanded to a nation-wide market and have been providing countless customers with stellar service and fully repaired credit reports ever since.

Ovation Credit: Touting their service as “simple, fast, and effective,” Ovation Credit deserves a standing ovation. Since 2004, they have provided any number of satisfied customers with quality credit repair. Instead of rushing in to clean up your mess, they take a more organized approach to ensure that your financial security lasts long into the future.

My Credit Group: If a three-step credit repair process sounds like your cup of tea, then look no farther than My Credit Group. They work with you to quickly and easily clean up bad credit and get you back on your feet again.

Veracity Credit Repair: Aimed with the budget-conscious in mind (which you probably are if you have poor credit), Veracity Credit Repair is a credit restoration company that knows what it’s doing. Their representatives are personally invested in your problem and won’t stop until they are successful.

National Credit Fixers: Personalized credit repair is the name of the game as far as National Credit Fixers is concerned. Unlike some other credit restoration companies, they don’t computerize a single ounce of their service. You’ll get the results that you desire when you go through these folks.

Trinity Credit Services: The good people at Trinity Credit Services know that knowledge is power and they treat it as such. They aim to inform you on the ins and outs of credit and your particular situation so that you never fall into bad credit again.

Credit Firm: Offering a pay-as-you go service (that you can cancel at any time), Credit Firm, sometimes referred to as, is a stellar service if you need your credit restored. They’re reputable, reliable, and always get the job done in a timely manner.

180 Credit Solutions: Despite a slightly wonky website, 180 Credit Solutions offers a top-notch service at a nearly unbeatable price. They’ll be able to fix your credit woes in no time.

Shopping around for a credit restoration service shouldn’t be a hassle. But it can be…and oftentimes a big one. The simple fact of the matter is that there are a lot of bad credit restoration companies out there. However, with the suggestions provided on our list above, you’ll be able to feel confident with the credit restoration company that you ultimately decide to go with.