Credit Counseling

One of the most successful tools for establishing good credit and avoiding debt is credit counseling. The process of credit counseling typically involves meeting with a credit counselor to go over your finances. They will look at your financial past and make suggestions on how you can better handle your money going forwards into the future.

Credit counseling is about learning. Your credit counselor’s primary job is to educate you on how to avoid debt, how to pay off loans quickly, and how to better manage your money. Many credit counselors go one step further and help you set up a debt management plan as a last resort, just in case things go sour.

Credit counselors can also be met with after debt has already been accumulated. However, it should be kept in mind that credit counseling should also be used as a preventative measure. It should help you avoid future debt as well as manage any debt that you might currently have.

When you seek credit counseling because you are already struggling with overwhelming debt, your credit counselor will likely speak with your creditors to help you establish a debt management, debt settlement, or debt consolidation plan. One of these plans will help put you on stable footing and in a better spot to pay off your debt by reducing monthly payments, eliminating late fees, and reducing interest rates.

Why Is Credit Important?

What exactly is credit? Before you can grasp the importance of maintaining good credit and understand how damaging unpaid debts can be, you must first understand what credit itself is.

When it all comes down to it, credit is your financial reputation. It is a record of how well you manage your finances. It greatly influences banks, landlords, employers, and businesses when they are doing business with you.

Credit helps lenders (like banks) decide on the amount of money that you can borrow, the types of items that you can borrow for, and how long you can borrow the money for. Your credit also plays greatly into the interest rates on your loans.

Credit is a major part of life. Most people need good credit to borrow money to buy a new car. Almost everyone needs good credit to buy a new house. In fact, most landlords require that you have good credit before they even rent to you. Even employers are concerned about credit these days and many won’t hire new employees with poor credit.

Obviously, credit is important. If you don’t put a solid amount of effort into maintaining yours, then you could find yourself in serious trouble. As stated above, failing to maintain good credit can lead to trouble with your bank. It can also leave you unable to buy a new house or car, unable to find a new job, and even unable to lease a new apartment.

You really don’t want your credit to slip.

Unfortunately though, things happen. Credit slips. Many people are not able to maintain good credit and that is where credit counseling comes in.

Credit counseling might be necessary if you find yourself in debt. This is especially true if the debt is overwhelming. If you haven’t been able to pay off your debts for some time, then credit counseling is probably right for you.

Credit counseling will help you learn how to deal with your debts in the best possible way. It will teach you how to avoid falling into debt in the future. It will also make your monthly debt payments much more manageable.

One of the most common ways that people fall into debt is by overspending on their credit cards. This is called credit card debt. Luckily though, most credit counseling services are geared towards helping clients manage credit card debt. Credit counseling can help you get out of credit card debt fast.

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Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring means just what it sounds like it means. It means monitoring your credit. It is one of the most effective tools to ensuring that you have good credit long into the future.

Looking at your credit score and credit report often are vital parts of credit monitoring. By looking at them on a regular basis, you will be able to easily catch yourself when you notice your score slipping. By catching slipping credit when it first begins to slip, you can isolate the problem, fix it, and keep your credit up.

Seriously though, it’s much easier to maintain good credit through credit monitoring than it is to build up credit once it goes bad.

There are many benefits of credit monitoring. Among the most important are that it will help you keep your credit score up. It will also give you a solid idea of where your score stands next to other consumers. Knowing these two things will give you confidence when making new purchases, using your credit card, and taking out loans.

Using credit monitoring to raise your credit score will help you get the best overall rates and interest rates on new mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards, among other things.

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Credit Card Reduction

If you are facing credit card debt, then it is essential that you manage the said debt in a timely manner.

The more quickly that you pay off your credit card debt the better off that you will be. The longer that you wait the worse things will get.

Generally, it is recommended that you consult a credit repair specialist when dealing with poor credit or struggling to pay off credit card debt. A credit repair specialist or a credit counselor will be able to help you negotiate credit card debt.

Urgent credit counseling might be needed to help you get out of credit card debt if you are unable to pay all of your credit card bills on time each month. In cases like this, credit counseling will help put an end to a serious problem before it grows into something completely unmanageable.

Credit card reduction is so important because it can help you get things under control before your credit really begins to slip. Managing credit card debt as soon as possible is essential in maintaining your financial reputation with banks, businesses, and other lenders.

One of the best ways to reduce credit card debt is to consolidate the debt. You can do this by yourself although it is usually best to have a credit counseling service help you with it.

Credit card debt consolidation works best for those who have multiple credit card bills each month. What it does is it consolidates all of your monthly bills into a single bill. This then makes the bill much easier to pay and reduces the amount of interest that you have to pay in total. Consolidating credit card debt can be the difference between getting out of debt quickly and never getting out of debt at all.

If you are unsure on how to handle credit card reduction, then see an expert as soon as possible. Credit counseling is one of the absolute best solutions to problems like these.

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Using a Credit Counseling Service

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Use Credit Counseling to Manage Debt

As is mentioned countless times above, using a credit counseling service will greatly benefit you if you are struggling with debt and credit problems.

A credit counseling service will help you fix your problems. It will dig deep to the very root of your financial problems and find a solution that works for you. It won’t just help fix your current credit and debt problems; it will actually work to ensure that similar problems don’t occur ever again in the future. It will help you get back on your feet and onto the right path.

Every trustworthy credit counseling service will offer a free consultation. Your consultation might not answer all of your questions, but it will be able to tell you whether or not credit counseling is the solution to your problems.

Though credit counseling is a very effective solution to being unable to pay credit card debt, it certainly isn’t for everyone. That is why the above mentioned consultation is so important. Almost every credit counseling service offers a free phone or email consultation.

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Choosing the Right Credit Counseling Service

It is of utmost importance that you choose the right credit counseling service if you decide to go that route. If you choose a credit counseling service that is sub par, your results will be sub par as well.

All credit counseling services operate in the same basic way. They all offer the same basic solutions. However, the actual tools and resources that they use to provide these services and solutions differ greatly from service to service.

Every legitimate credit card counseling service will be listed on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. When you are choosing a credit card counseling service, it is of utmost importance that you check their BBB page. This page will show you their overall BBB ranking, any customer complaints against them, and any government action taken against them. You should never go with a service that consistently receives complaints or bad feedback from other customers.

It is also important to check a credit counseling service’s reviews on other sites as well. Not everything negative is reported on the BBB website. A great source of these reviews is on third-party review sites like Yelp. You can also check the credit counseling service’s websites for customer testimonials as well. Remember, the more positive reviews, the better the company.

Finally, it is important to check the credit counseling service’s tools and resources. As mentioned above, these are the main ways in which these companies differ from one another. The tools and resources that they offer should be a good match for the particular credit card problems that you are having. Oftentimes, a free consultation call is a good way to see if their tools line up with your needs.

What to Expect From Credit Counseling

While there is no doubt that credit counseling is an absolutely terrific service for those struggling with debt or poor credit, too many people go into it thinking that their problems will vanish in a flash. They won’t.

Yes, credit counseling will help you regain control of your credit and finances, but it isn’t a magical solution to all of your problems. Getting your debt under complete control will also take hard work on your end. A credit counseling company can’t make debt vanish but it can help set up programs to make it more manageable for you.

You can expect quality information from credit counseling. Credit counselors are experts at what they do and the information and advice that they provide will reflect this. If you pay close attention and listen to this advice, then you will have the tools to manage your credit in the future. Credit counseling gives you the resources to avoid future difficulties.

Credit counseling will also help you set up a debt management plan. Attacking and eliminating debt is extremely hard to do without a well-organized plan. A debt management plan set up by a credit counseling service will consolidate your debts, lower interest fees, and reduce late fees and penalties. After credit counseling, you will make one easy monthly payment that will then be dispersed to all of your separate creditors.


While credit counseling is effective, the best way to avoid debt and keep your credit score up is by not falling into debt at all. One of the best ways to do this is by being conscious of your spending, especially where credit cards are concerned. It is essential to pay all of your bills on time, borrow as little money as possible, and pay back that money as soon as you can.

If you do fall into debt, however, then credit counseling definitely will help.

Credit counseling is one of the best tools available for managing overwhelming debt. If you are struggling with poor credit or debt, then there really is no better place to turn.

Be sure to understand what you want from credit counseling and find the service that best suits your personal needs and preferences. Only when you do this will you receive the best support possible.