Freedom Debt Relief Review

Freedom Debt Relief is a debt settlement organization that knows what they are doing. Based out of San Mateo, California, the company has over a decade of experience in the debt relief game. Much of their experience and associated expertise falls into the realm of debt settlement, debt negotiation, and debt consolidation.

freedom debt relief review

If you need help in negotiating with your creditors and figuring out your debt problem, then there are few better companies to turn to.

Services (10 out of 10)

Like many of the best debt settlement companies, the services that Freedom Debt Relief offers are extremely simple and straightforward. From the get go, you know exactly what is going on and how they are attempting to straighten out your problem.

The main objective of Freedom Debt Relief is to free its clients from debt. When you sign up with the program, they make it clear that this is their goal. However, like all other debt organizations, this is just a goal and not a guarantee – they’ll do their best, and their success rates are very high, but there is still a chance that your debt will remain unsettled.

The services of Freedom Debt Relief start nearly immediately after you sign up with them. You are instructed on how to open a trust account. This trust account functions as a place where you can place the money that you would otherwise have been paying your creditors with. While the money is in the account, representatives negotiate with your creditors and try to settle your debt with a lower overall payment.

The folks at Freedom Debt Relief also offer a handful of other debt help services, apart from debt negotiation. Among these are debt consolidation and debt management. Their skilled representatives will be able to guide you to the option that best suits your particular debt problem and overall financial situation.

Finally, Freedom Debt Relief offers up basic credit counseling and financial education services. Their website is stocked full of great information relating to debt relief and staying out of debt in general. Their aim by providing this information is to help their clients stay out of debt for good.

Pricing (10 out of 10)

Pricing is perhaps Freedom Debt Relief’s strongest area. Their services are very affordable and they are upfront about their fees.

In fact, Freedom Debt Relief is one of the most straightforward debt relief organizations when it comes to making their pricing scheme clear and easy to understand. Unlike other companies which often try to hide their pricing or include hidden fees and charges, Freedom Debt Relief wants you to know, from the very beginning, exactly how much you will be paying and what this money will be used for.

Freedom Debt Relief takes fifteen percent out of the amount of money that you send their way for a settlement. From this charge, one percent is viewed as a retainer fee of sorts. Another three percent is viewed as a service fee of sorts.

All of these charges are combined very tidily into a neatly organized monthly amount. The money left over after the retainer fee and service fees are taken out is sent into your savings account with the company. This money is then used, in the probable chance of a successful settlement, in paying off the said settlement in the form on a lump sum payment to your creditors.

Usability (10 out of 10)

Few debt settlement services are as easy to use as Freedom Debt Relief. Their overall usability is one of the characteristics that they most pride themselves upon.

As mentioned above, their services are very simple and straightforward. It is incredibly easy to understand exactly what is happening as they fill you in on the entire process. Their payment system is likewise easy to use. Finally, their website is very appealing to the eyes and is not cluttered with a bunch of junk. They only have information on it that is needed and have cut everything else out. This minimal and straightforward design makes the website very easy to navigate. It is simple to find what you are looking for.

Customer Service (9.5 out of 10)

Quality customer service is another very important characteristic of a superior debt settlement company. Freedom Debt Relief has this area covered as well.

It is very easy to get ahold of a representative at Freedom Debt Relief whenever you need to. They nearly always have an employee manning the phones and checking emails. Though you might not reach someone right away, especially outside of general business hours, the company is prompt and thorough about responding to your questions and inquiries right away.

Affiliations (10 out of 10)

Freedom Debt Relief has joined hands with several other debt settlement companies and is a member of many ‘watchdog’ groups.

One of the groups that it is a charter member of is The Association of Debt Settlement Companies. They are also a member of the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.

Also of note are the many prizes and awards that Freedom Debt Relief has won for its services. In particular, they have won awards for their entrepreneurial flair and for the way that they treat their employees.

All in all, these things are important to take into account because it proves that the company is solid and that they aren’t out to scam you.

The Verdict

Few debt settlement companies are as excellent as Freedom Debt Relief. They offer stellar services for an affordable price. They are very upfront about their fees and their entire way of working is transparent. You get to see what is going on as it goes on. This is essential to the debt relief process.

Freedom Debt Relief is a great debt settlement company to go with if you are struggling with debt. If you have tried time and time again to work out the kinks in your financial problems to no avail, then their website is definitely worth a look and see.

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