Delray Credit Counseling Review

The options for debt relief services are nearly limitless and Delray Credit Counseling is one solid option for those that are looking for the help that such a company can offer. Like most companies in the industry, Delray has its pros and cons for those looking to get out of debt. Most important to note is that the company specializes in credit counseling, a form of education about debt management that aims to prevent debt problems from cropping up in the first place. Though this is their primary area of expertise, they offer a few other debt management services as well.

delray credit counseling review

Read on to find out more about Delray Credit Counseling’s services, pricing, usability, customer service, and affiliations.

Services (7 Out of 10) 

Delray Credit Counseling places much of its focus on debt education. They strive to educate their clients on all things related to personal finance, debt, and budgeting. Their tips and advice focus on long-term solutions over short-term ones.

The debt relief company also offers other forms of debt management help. These include, primarily, debt consolidation. If you are looking for debt help beyond credit counseling, then this will likely be a good option. Debt consolidation is simply the act of consolidating all of your separate monthly debt payments into a single easy-to-make payment (sometimes with a lowered interest rate). Delray’s debt professionals will take care of the entire consolidation process for you.

Whether you are using the company’s debt consolidation services (or other debt relief services) or not, their credit counseling information will still be available to you for free. To be a little more specific, their credit counseling oriented service will cover budgeting, understanding credit reports and credit scores, and taking care of financial charges.

A key highlight of Delray’s services is that they are teamed up with (more on this in the Affiliations section) several other debt management companies. This allows them to give you reliable recommendations for trustworthy debt relief companies that specialize in areas outside of their area of expertise if you require it. 

Pricing (6 out of 10) 

Delray Credit Counseling has its advantages and disadvantages in the pricing department depending on what service you are using them for. If you are trying to nip a debt problem at the bud or are hoping to prevent one from occurring at all, then you won’t have to dish out much. Nearly all of their credit counseling educational information is offered free of charge to anyone and everyone.

On the other end of things are Delray’s debt management services. These actually cost money and, depending on your particular situation, can cost quite a bit more money than other debt companies that offer similar types of help.

Basically, they will take a monthly fee from you, their client, depending on the debt management solution that you choose. In the case of debt settlement or debt consolidation, they will also be making a small profit from your creditors after they obtain payments from you. 

Best of all about Delray’s pricing is that they don’t require their clients to sign any contracts. You can work with them for as little or as long as you want to and need to. This honesty and openness draws in the majority of their clients. It’s not as risky to work with Delray as it can be with other related companies in the industry.

Usability (5.5 out of 10) 

Delray Credit Counseling comes up short as far as its overall usability is concerned. The company’s website design is not very user friendly and can be difficult to navigate. Though there is a lot of information offered on it free of charge, it is often hard to locate.

The problems with Delray’s website get worse when you sign up for an account as a client. The whole interface is a little wonky and counter-intuitive. It can be surprisingly hard for most users to get used to and navigate.

Customer Service (7.5 out of 10) 

Excellent customer service is one of Delray Credit Counseling’s strong suits. The company and all of its employees are very positive and proactive. They know their stuff.

It is easy to contact Delray Credit Counseling either by telephone or email. They also provide online live chat help but this feature seems to be rarely staffed. You generally have better luck of a quick reply by phone or email.

One negative is that Delray does not give you a way to connect to them via social media. In a world that is dominated by the internet, nearly all of Delray’s competitors offer this feature.

Affiliations (7 out of 10)

Compared to many other debt relief companies, Delray has strong affiliations. However, they are not nearly as strong as the top handful of companies.

Their primary affiliations are with similar companies offering help that they don’t specialize in. They link to these companies and might even recommend one to you during a consultation, if your problem falls outside of their area of expertise. Beyond this, they are not affiliated with any larger ‘watchdog’ type associations.

The Verdict 

Delray Credit Counseling is a strong option for a debt relief company that offers both credit counseling and debt management services. While they will no doubt get the job done, there are companies out there that will likely perform an overall better job than them.

Delray’s biggest drawback is its confusing web interface. Simply browsing the site is confusing. And the sign-up process and eventual navigating of a user account is even more so. If Delray can fix this, along with branching out onto social media and improving their chat function, they would certainly bump up a few points overall.

Their services aren’t what is lacking – it is mainly just the way that they are presented. Once again, for credit counseling Delray is one of the top dogs, for debt consolidation they are just another company that gets the job done in an oversaturated market.

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