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Top 3 Expenses That You Should Cut Today

A wise man once said that solutions that save you the most money in the long run are typically healthier for you and better for society as a whole. This statement applies to the three expenses you should cut today

Buying New vs. Buying Used: 10 Money-Saving Tips

What’s the biggest strain on your household budget? Mortgage payments? Car payments? While those are certainly major expense for many people, there’s another expense which has a big effect on your family’s finances, and it’s probably not what you expect

Dealing with Debt Collectors: How to Protect Your Rights

Nobody wants to be in debt. Sometimes circumstances are beyond your control, however, and you end up with unwanted attention from a debt collector. It can be a frustrating, demoralizing and even frightening situation. When a debt collection agency has

Money Saving Tips For Twenty-Somethings

Life in your twenties can definitely be an exciting time.  For many it is the first time in life when one is able to truly feel like an adult.  As one launches into the decade of his/her twenties, it usually

How To Save Up For A New Home

Deciding to make the move from a renter to homeowner is challenging for nearly everyone. There are a number of decisions that one needs to make prior to even signing the deed to a home.  For many, purchasing a new

8 Ways to Reduce Stress During Debt Relief

Debt is stressful. There is no getting around that. And after you have accepted the fact that you have too much debt and you need to do something about it, a key part to making it through the debt relief

When Is It Possible to Settle Debt Yourself?

Many people that find themselves swimming in debt wonder if they can settle that debt themselves. The easy answer to that is yes. Chances are that you can. But the full answer to the question is actually a lot more

Here’s How to Avoid Binge Shopping

Being frugal is tough. There is definitely no denying that. Staying within your budget, limiting credit card use, and being financially responsible all around can sometimes be a drag. Yes, it can be okay to spend money sometimes. Obviously, you

3 Money Excuses That Are Killing You Financially

Staying on top of your finances is never going to be easy. It is  going to take hard work, dedication, and keeping a close eye on how you are doing. Generally, I’m pretty good at keeping my savings on a

The Best Budgeting Tips for Married Couples

Managing your finances and budgeting your income is hard enough to do on your own. But throw a significant other into the picture and it can become a whole lot more difficult. Though the extra income (if both of you