Are You a Better Catch When Free of Debt?

Are You a Better Catch When Free of Debt?

Are You a Better Catch When Free of Debt?

Being in debt is a no good situation for many reasons. Constant worry and penny pinching are only the tip of the iceberg.

But one thing that many people don’t consider is just how much debt hurts your dating prospects. Recent studies show that people (both women and men) find prospective partners to be far more attractive when they’re good at managing their money.

While we touched on something similar a few weeks back (how to talk to your new romantic partner about debt), we wanted to take a closer look at this particular topic today. Below are a few of the top reasons why you might just be a better catch if you don’t have debt weighing you down.

1. More Money

Obviously, the place to start when considering why savers are considered more attractive than spenders is money. Those in debt generally don’t have a whole lot of money to spend. This can lead to some tension on dates and other outings with one partner always pulling the other’s weight. Dating in 2013 is generally based on splitting costs of activities or rotating who pays on a date per day basis.

2. Better Habits

Plain and simple, people associate good money management habits with better habits in general. For instance, those that aren’t in debt and can save money are often seen by potential partners as people that have better work habits, home habits, and fitness habits. All of these individual factors generally weigh in on what a person uses to choose a new mate.

3. Increased Health

People tend to subconsciously gravitate towards – and studies confirm this – people that are healthy. Research also shows that people that are free of debt are on average much healthier than those that are struggling with it.

The reasons behind this have a lot to do with stress. Simply put, those that aren’t stressing out about debt on a regular basis have more energy to exercise and more willpower to eat well. In addition to actual fitness, people that are doing these things – exercising regularly and eating healthy – are much healthier, physically speaking. For instance, they tend to have lower blood pressure.

Mental health is also a factor when it comes to people that are free of debt. Because being in debt is so stressful, those that are in it are apt to overeat, become depressed, or drink too much. Those that aren’t in debt tend to be better able to avoid these things.

4. More Self-Control

Self-control is an important part of any relationship. In many people’s eyes it equates to a nicer, happier, and more attentive partner. Self-control can mean stepping outside of yourself and doing something nice for another person.

People tend to clump debtors into the group of people that don’t have self-control. This is yet another reason why those that are free of debt are so much more sought after than those that are in debt.

5. Long-Term Possibilities

While it’s completely natural that not everyone is looking for a long-term relationship, the possibility tends to weigh into the dating equation the large percentage of the time. Even those that are looking for a quick fix tend to consider, at least in the back of their minds, how well a potential partner might suit them going forward in the future.

Being able to save money and stay out of debt shows people that you are secure. It shows them that you are financially responsible and that you think about your future. When it comes to relationships, most people don’t want to be in one with someone who is constantly struggling with money.

A Quick Note

There is a difference between someone that saves their money and someone that hoards their money.

A saver (like the ‘attractive’ people we’ve discussed above) save their money for the future. They are not opposed to spending a little here and there as it is needed or desired. Rather they are responsible and have a vision for their future. They are generally saving up their money for a future reward.

A money hoarder, on the other hand, pinches their pennies, and does so with all of them. A hoarder hates giving up cash. They hate treating others. It hurts them deeply to give up even a little cash no matter the cause.

Obviously, a hoarder is much more unattractive than someone that is in debt. Being frugal doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a hoarder though.


What do you think about this all? Do you agree? Would you rather date someone that was financially sound versus someone that was struggling with debt?

Of course, there are exceptions to these rules…like when you meet someone that is great, someone perfect, who is handling their debt in a responsible way. We all make mistakes and the most important thing is working hard to make them right.

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