8 Types of Bills That Can be Consolidated

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8 Types of Bills that can be Consolidated

When you are struggling with debt and making debt payments, there are many forms of debt relief to choose from. While all of them can be very effective in the right circumstances, debt consolidation or consolidating your bills is one of the most popular and effective forms.

Consolidating your debt is a very simple concept to understand. It is not complicated like some other forms of debt relief are. When you consolidate your bills, all that happens is that they are combined together. This makes bill consolidation the perfect option for those attempting to balance multiple separate payments each month.

The primary benefit of consolidating your bills is that it helps keep them organized. Because one payment is easier to remember to make than a handful, it ensures that you will make all of your payments on time. There is far less risk involved.

Furthermore, when you consolidate your bills, you will likely receive lower interest rates. This can help you save money in the long run. For instance, if you have three bills with interest rates of 5%, 9%, and 12%, your interest rate when consolidated could be 7% or possibly even lower.

If debt or bill consolidation sounds good to you, like a good solution to your debt problems, then you will definitely want to look into it more closely. We have a ton of information available on consolidation in the Project Debt Relief debt consolidation tag…be sure to check it out.

However, before you consolidate your bills into a single payment, you have to make sure that you have the right kind of bills. Not all bills can be consolidated. The eight types of bills that are discussed below are a few of the types that can be.

Types of Bills That Can be Consolidated

The specific types of bills that can be consolidated will differ from person to person. A large part of it depends on your particular situation and circumstances. Another part of it depends on the particular consolidation agency or debt management company that helps you with it.

Many consolidation agencies only allow unsecured debts to be consolidated. In fact, this is pretty much par for the course for the most part. The below debts are the eight that can be consolidated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or your debt consolidation agency to have your questions answered.

  • Credit Card Debt: The most common type of debt that can be consolidated is credit card debt. While consolidating credit card debt, it is also important to eliminate your use of credit cards as much as possible to ensure that you don’t rack up even more debt in the process.
  • Department Store Cards: Similar to credit cards, department store cards, oftentimes credit cards in their own right, are another popular sort of bill that is consolidated. Likewise, take care not to continue spending on them or take new ones out as that can continue to make your problems even worse.
  • Utility Bills: Though many people are unaware of it, utility bills can also sometimes be consolidated. However, the process is not quite as straightforward as it is with many other forms of bill consolidation so it is probably wise that you talk to a professional before making any consolidation plans with your utility bills.
  • Medical Bills: If you have multiple separate medical bills piling up, then you might want to use bill consolidation to help ease the burden.
  • Personal Loans: When you have overwhelming personal loans to pay off, then bill consolidation is a good form of debt relief to use.
  • Student Loans: Perhaps one of the most popular uses of consolidation of all, student loan consolidation can help you pay off your student loans much more easily and with a far lower interest rate.
  • Taxes: Much of the time, taxes owed to the IRS can be consolidated and paid off together as a single loan instead of a handful.
  • Collection Agency Debts: Using bill consolidation to pay off collection agency debts is always a good bet. You can even take care of secured debts like car loans with this kind of consolidation.


The debt relief option known as debt consolidation or bill consolidation can be a very useful way to get your debts under control. While it can’t be used for every type of debt, it can be used for quite a few. Eight of these uses are listed and discussed above. Look into debt consolidation and you might just find that it is the best form of debt relief for your particular problem.

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