4 Consumer Debt Solutions That Work

When you are feeling overwhelmed with debt or unpaid bills, it is probably time to start looking into consumer debt solutions. But you shouldn’t just look into any old solutions. Oh no, you should only look at solutions that work.

But that is where things can get a little tricky. Not all debt solutions do work and, oftentimes, to add to the mess, it can be hard to tell which ones are the ones that work and which ones are the ones that don’t.

Finding solutions that work to reduce consumer debt is made even harder by the startling amount of poor quality debt help companies that there are around. While some of the companies are just plain old bad at what they do, another handful of them are debt management scams. It is essential that the first thing you do, no matter the particular option that you choose, is to find a reputable company and work with them.

Anyway, to clear up matters and sort out a little of the confusion that you might be experiencing, we have dissected a number of different debt solutions and selected the four that we think are the very best. If you are struggling with debt, then one of the four debt solutions below will work to help you sort out some of your problems.

Consumer Credit Consolidation

One of your best options, especially if you are struggling to pay off multiple credit cards, if consumer credit consolidation.

Consumer credit consolidation is simple to understand and surprisingly effective. Basically what it does is it combines all of your monthly credit card payments into a single payment. At one time, this makes them easier to understand and keeps organized. Making one payment sure beats making several payments each month.

Consumer credit consolidation can also help you lower your overall monthly payments. One way that it does this is by lowering your interest rate. Since all of your credit payments are combined, you only have to pay a single rate of interest, generally a relatively low one.

Consumer Debt Settlement

Though consumer debt settlement is often confused with debt consolidation, it is an entirely different debt solution.

It is an approach to debt reduction where you and your creditor agree on a lower total payment amount. Once you are able to pay off this amount, you have paid off your debt in full. Because negotiating a consumer debt settlement plan with your creditors by yourself is difficult, it is generally wise to use a debt services company when thinking about debt settlement.

Consumer Debt Management

consumer debt solutions

Use Consumer Debt Solutions for Financial Independence!

Consumer debt management is yet another consumer debt solution that actually works. The point of a consumer debt management program is to get you out of debt – and keep you out of debt!

When you are seeking consumer debt management, you work with a debt management company. The expert individual that you meet with then helps you to create the best plan possible to help you get out of debt. The goal of debt management is to help you manage your debt, finances, and life. Unlike debt consolidation, it is more of a ‘learning experience’ than a ‘fix it’ debt solution.

Consumer Credit Repair

The consumer debt repair method that is consumer credit repair comes in many different forms. There is not one single option to choose from when you go with this method.  You have to choose what fits your needs specifically.

Consumer credit repair focuses on one of the largest financial problems that people have: poor credit. It aims to fix your credit score so that you can go about your life the way that you need to.

Whether your credit score is lackluster because of bad spending habits, unpaid debts, or because you had to use a debt management program that knocked a few points off, consumer credit repair will work. It will help you get your credit score back up to where it needs to be.

Many different companies offer this solution. But watch out! Like with any company, it is important to only choose a consumer credit repair company that is reputable and reliable.


There are a lot of consumer debt solutions out there. That’s a good thing. It gives you a wide range of selections to choose from. The options will give you the opportunity to pick the single best option for you, the one that best lines up with your problem.

The four methods discussed above are the very best of the best. When you are struggling with overwhelming debt or unpaid bills, then chances are likely that consumer credit consolidation, consumer debt settlement, consumer debt management, or consumer credit repair will help you.

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