10 Ways That Mint.Com Makes Life Easier

Mint.com is one of the absolute neatest web services around. It is simple and streamlined in design, but packed full of information touching on just about every topic that involves money and finances. Simply put, it’s a powerful tool.

mint finance softwareIf you haven’t heard of Mint or just haven’t looked into it yourself, then you need to. It has so many features that can help make your life easier. Below are ten of the biggest ways that Mint.com can improve your life and make it easier all around.

1. Keep Track of Your Finances

The primary reason to use Mint.com is to keep track of your finances. The website’s many features allow you to do this with ease (a few will be discussed in more detail below). Whether you decide on Mint’s free services or use one of their many paid services, you will find that keeping track of your finances has never been easier.

2. See All of Your Accounts

One of the handiest features that Mint.com offers is the ability to see all of your accounts in the same place. This means that logging into your Mint account brings you to a single page where you can see absolutely all of your financial information. Bank accounts, even from different banks, investments, loans and debts, and even your current cash balance can all be seen here.

3. See the Full Picture

Because Mint.com compiles all of your financial information into a single account, it is more than easy to get a clear idea of your whole financial picture. Better yet, the website’s clean design and handy graphs really let you know what your current financial situation is like.

4. Set Up a Monthly Budget

Perhaps the most popular feature of Mint.com is their budget feature. It allows you to set up a monthly budget plan and then track it using the website. Since all of your accounts are already connected to the site, purchases and transactions that you make, along with bills that you pay, will all be categorized according to their particular expense category. This cuts the sometimes time-consuming labor by more than half.

It is easy to create a monthly budget and stick to it with the help of Mint. That’s all there is too it.

5. Track Your Spending

So far, all of the Mint.com features that we have discussed have led to this: tracking your spending. Viewing all of your accounts in their entirety gives you a full picture of your money and finances, enabling you to create a monthly budget and track your spending. And, of course, this means being able to save more money and cutting back on unnecessary spending.

6. Be Reminded of Bill Payments

Mint.com offers up a very handy bill reminder feature for its members. The bill reminder alerts you as to when an upcoming bill payment is nearing. This is handy because it all but eliminates the chance that you might accidentally forget to make a payment. You might also choose to sync your bank account with the payment so your bill payments are taken out automatically.

7. Have Access to Your Finances on the Go

The Mint mobile app makes it incredibly easy to access your accounts and finances when you are on the go. Any smartphone or tablet should be able to use the app. Most of the standard features of the website are also available on the app.

8. Track Investments

You can even sync up your investments to your Mint.com account. This allows you to follow them closely and see how much you are earning (or not earning) off of them.

9. Help With Taxes

When tax season rolls around, you’ll be very thankful that you have been using Mint.com to track your finances. It makes your life so much easier by easily and readily providing all of the information that you will need for your tax forms. There is much less sweating, worrying, and hassle this way.

10. Help Achieve Goals

At the end of the day, Mint.com helps you achieve your financial goals and be a more successful person. It can help you stick to a budget and save money.

Mint.com is definitely worth a look from any and all readers of Project Debt Relief. It’s a great financial tool to use whether or not you are struggling with money. All of its handy features will make your life that much easier and help you accomplish your goals quickly and more effectively.

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